Where We Are

The population of Popa 2, also known as Sandubidi, is a community located in Isla Popa, at short distance of the Bastimentos Island National Marine Park in the Bocas del Toro Archipelago.

Other communities nearby, also of the Ngäbe originary people, which are within a short distance of Popa 2, are Solarte, Salt Creek, Bahia Honda and San Cristobal.

The structure of the population is made up of several houses with wooden walls and roof of palm leaves, the typical Ngäbe architecture, the primary and secondary school, the school lunchroom and the cottages with accommodation and restaurant of the project.

The main occupation of its inhabitants is fishing and subsistence farming, tourism being an activity in growth and an economic complement to the families of the village.

To reach Sandubidi (Popa 2) take a boat in Bocas del Toro and, after 20 minutes, after crossing a region of dense mangroves, you will reach the community dock.